The Green Man of the Woods

This morning, Brother Walter the hob showed me the carved stone head of the Green Man of the Woods which he found on the roof of the cloister. I had never seen it before, though I have lived here in the abbey for twenty six years. In truth, I had difficulty turning my head to see it now, as I have an affliction of the spine which ensures that I see more of my boots than I do of the sky. Nevertheless, I did see the head, and a curious sight it was too. A man with leaves and branches growing from his mouth, a spirit of the woods far older than the hands that carved it or the minds that have contemplated it since then. Brother Walter tells me the Green Man is a guardian of all the creatures living in Foxwist Wood. He was delighted to find it carved here amongst our angels and saints and said it made him feel safe to think of the Green Man watching over him within these walls. He has promised to tell me more about this forest spirit later, when we have a few minutes to sit by the fire in my workshop.

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